Webinar: Sofar Smart Mooring - Improving the reliability and flexibility of subsurface ocean sensing

Sofar Ocean

Collecting data below the ocean’s surface is challenging. Marine sensing solutions must be reliable enough to survive the harsh conditions of the ocean and flexible enough to deliver the vastly different data needs that support research and operations. Historically, collecting real-time subsurface data required expensive bespoke solutions that were often over-complex and restrictive, making them challenging to manage and far from flexible/adaptive.

Sofar Ocean’s Smart Mooring is unlocking new avenues for researchers, operators, and innovators by scaling real-time subsurface ocean sensing. With hundreds of systems deployed and millions of ocean hours collected, customers around the world depend on Smart Mooring to deliver reliable subsurface data when they need it most. In this livestream from BristleCon, Sofar Ocean’s CTO, Evan Shapiro, along with Smart Mooring end-users Hayden Henderson from Michigan Technological University and Ahmad Allahgholi (Aki) from Coralive, will share how we have designed and continue to improve Smart Mooring to solve these challenges of reliability and flexibility.

Hayden Henderson
Michigan Technical University
Ahmad Allahgholi (Aki)
Evan Shapiro
Sofar Ocean
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