An Ocean Scientist explains... Vessel Performance Models (VPM)

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A Vessel Performance Model (VPM) is a key component of an effective voyage optimization platform. A VPM calculates the relationship between a vessel’s propeller RPM, engine power, speed, and fuel consumption, and predicts how that relationship will change in different sea states. A VPM’s predictions, in turn, inform the route guidance that a voyage optimization platform sends to a Captain. In the video above, Sofar Ocean Data Scientist Galen Egan, PhD provides an in-depth explanation of VPMs, detailing:

  • Why it is essential that a VPM accurately predicts speed and fuel consumption in all weather conditions
  • Why a VPM’s predictions are valuable to Captains and Navigational Officers, as well as shoreside teams
  • How AdaptiveVPM™ — the vessel performance model powering Sofar’s Wayfinder voyage optimization platform — predicts vessel speed within an average of 0.5 knots and fuel consumption within an average of 2% of metric tons consumed

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