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Spotter Buoy and Smart Mooring Coral Reef Health Surveys Conducted in Bermuda

During the 2022 Bermuda summer heatwave, seven surveys tracked the impact of increasing temperatures on corals and marine life from July to September. These surveys were conducted alongside Aqualink's Spotter Buoys' data collection, available on their website at Ocean advocate Ted Gosling closely monitored coral reef health at Elbow Beach using the Spotter buoy platform, deploying multiple Spotter buoys and Smart Moorings to track temperature fluctuations near local reefs. The Spotter buoy system recorded subsurface temperatures above the reef's bleaching threshold in August and September 2022, leading to confirmed bleaching observed by Ted during a subsequent dive. However, Hurricane Ian in late September brought cooler water to the reef, lowering the subsurface temperature below the bleaching threshold. For more details on Ted's use of the Spotter buoy platform for reef monitoring, visit here. Access real-time and historical data from the Elbow Beach site here.

Photo credit: Aqualink and Ted Gosling
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