Sofar Ocean Signs Up New Shipping Carriers To Cut Emissions And Voyage Time

Star Bulk and Eagle Bulk sign onto Sofar's Wayfinder platform which leverages its global network of buoys to help shipping carriers cut their emissions, voyage costs, and duration.

The U.N. agency that regulates international shipping aims to cut the industry’s emissions by as much as 70% by 2050. Ships will have to move away from dirty fossil fuels, power their fleets with cleaner, alternative fuels and harness renewable energy. But large-scale innovations spurred by regulations from the International Maritime Organization are years or decades away, says Tim Janssen, cofounder and CEO of Sofar Ocean. The San Francisco company is helping ships cut their time and fuel by 3%-6% with a vast Spotter buoy network of about 850 sensors that cover the world’s oceans. Two leading dry bulk carriers, Star Bulk and Eagle Bulk, have just signed up, Sofar announced today.

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