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6 Spotter buoys deployed in the Black Sea

NIMH deploys free floating sensor array in the Black Sea

How Jennette's Pier and CSI Use Spotters to Enhance Wave Energy Development

North Carolina based Coastal Studies Institute (CSI) and Jennette's Pier utilize Sofar Spotters to improve data models in Marine Hydrokinetic Energy areas, and test additional innovations including biofouling protection coating.

How PTTEP Protects Thailand's Maritime Environment with Smart Mooring

Learn how the PTT Exploration and Production company of Thailand uses Spotter + Smart Mooring to help with site characterization and wave energy studies in their effort to preserve Thailand's precious maritime resources.

Storm Wave Monitoring in Rio de Janeiro

The Marine Meteorological Service of Brazil was able to mobilize and deploy a Spotter buoy within hours of receiving a storm warning affecting Copacabana Beach.

Next-generation real-time oceanographic instrumentation

SPCMSC received their first Sofar Smart Mooring and Spotter Buoy to collect real-time oceanographic data.